Timed Trader Pro exploits the same Money Calendar patterns as Stock Cycles Trader, but cuts your risk and supercharges your returns by using options.

So instead of targeting double-digit stock gains every week, Timed Trader Pro was designed by Tom Gentile to give you a weekly shot to target 100% gains or more in just 30 days or less… on the market’s best 370 stocks… while risking less than $500 per trade. 

All based on a 90%-accurate pattern that tells us the absolute best time to get in – and out – of every trade.

Publication’s Expert

Tom’s #1 mission in life is to teach others the best ways to trade and help them set up a comfortable financial future. He spent the past few years carefully developing one of the most powerful suite of tools in the market and he hasn’t looked back since. And now, using his years of options experience and powerful trading tools – he’s going to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how you can score big in any market and take control of your financial freedom starting today.

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