We’re excited to announce that Tom Gentile is working with Alta Publishing to establish a brand-new imprint called Gulfport Analytics!

On Wednesday, May 1, we’ll be migrating everything – all of Tom’s meticulous research, his world-class education, valuable insights, market-beating options strategies – and yes, profitable trade recommendations – to www.gulfportanalytics.com.

If you are a current subscriber of Tom’s, you don’t need to do anything! On Wednesday, we’ll migrate everything to the new website and make sure we’re ready to go…

Just look out for emails from Gulfport Analytics on Thursday, May 2. They will contain everything you need to access your issues, alerts and updates.

In the meantime, for your convenience, we have compiled a list of questions and answers related to the migration to Gulfport Analytics.

Q. What is Gulfport Analytics?

Gulfport Analytics is the new publishing imprint of America’s Pattern Trader, Tom Gentile.

Tapping into nearly four decades of experience as a trading professional, Tom has taught more than 300,000 people how to profit with his unique rules-based approach to pattern trading.

At Gulfport Analytics, you’ll find all of Tom’s meticulous research, world-class trader education, valuable insights, market-beating strategies, proprietary trading tools – and yes, profitable trade recommendations.

Q. Which of Tom’s services are moving to Gulfport Analytics?

Tom’s mission with Gulfport Analytics will be the same as it’s always been – to provide you with the best market research, the highest-quality education, and the most profitable trade recommendations in the industry.

In order to do that moving forward, we need to do a little housekeeping to make sure our product lineup best suits your trading needs – so here’s a list of everything that’s happening…

Introducing: Stock Cycles Trader

The Fast Fortune Club will become Stock Cycles Trader. This is super exciting – it’s an all-new service based on Tom’s Money Calendar.

We can’t say much more right now, but stay tuned…

Introducing: Timed Trader Pro

Quantum Data Profits and Brutus Alerts will merge to become Timed Trader Pro, an all-new weekly trading service powered by Money Calendar.

Introducing: Crypto Trend Trader

After May 1, Microcurrency Trader will be known as Crypto Trend Trader.

But don’t worry. The underlying strategy that’s delivered 18 winners already in 2024 isn’t changing – Tom is going to continue racking up big wins in the crypto space, just as he has since launch back in 2018.

Introducing: Cash Flow Trader

Resource Traders Alliance will merge with Rocket Wealth Initiative in a brand-new trading service called Cash Flow Trader. In this service, Tom targets instant cash payouts from the market’s top 100 stocks – leveraging his options income strategy with a 90% success rate.

Q. Where will I access my subscriptions?


Once the migration is completed on May 1, you will find all of the benefits of your subscription – including issues, alerts, updates, special alerts, videos and more – on our brand-new password-protected site.

Q. When will I receive my login credentials?

We will send emails with access instructions and details about your updated subscriptions on Thursday, May 2, when the migration is complete. We encourage you to save these emails for your records. They will be delivered to the email address associated with your Money Map subscriptions.

Q. Will I need to create a new password?

No! Your Money Map Press password will work from the get-go. If you don’t remember your password, just click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the login screen, and a recovery email will be sent to the email address on file with Money Map Press.

Q. Where can I send additional questions?

We understand you may still have questions about the migration and your subscriptions. You can submit additional questions here. However, we encourage subscribers to wait until they’ve received all the details about their updated subscriptions.

That information will hit your email inbox on Thursday, May 2, after the migration is complete.